About us

Rolfe Carawan is a conduit for what you need to get done. He is the rocket fuel for your initiative if you need someone to energize the troops behind your mission, motivate them to greater cooperation, equip them for greater personal performance.

Whether it is speaking, training, consulting or coaching Rolfe creates a transformational experience that gets people moving in the same direction, excited to work and win together. Rolfe doesn’t rely on hype or hyperbole, he brings time-tested, proven strategies that can be applied immediately for lasting change. Driven by his passion for relieving suffering and releasing potential, Rolfe will dig up his sleeves and partner with you to reach your goals.

Rolfe, along with his outstanding team of consultants and coaches, provides leaders and businesses customized solutions to sustain the highest level of performance and commitment in their people. Rolfe’s methods are practical and the results long-lasting. His programs and workshops provide strategies guaranteed to improve morale, increase productivity, strengthen leaders, and release individual potential.