Why Unity

People Succeed Where Unity’s Achieved.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

We’ve all heard it. Intuitively we know it. But is it really necessary to have unified employees and teams to survive and thrive during changing times? Absolutely! The companies where people stick together, are committed to a shared purpose and are successfully cooperating with each other, consistently outperform and outlast those that don’t.

Leaders at every level are spending countless hours and resources managing the toxic effects of disunity. It is well documented that only 29% of today’s workforce are fully engaged on the job, 55% are partially engaged and 16% are actively disengaged. That means 71% of employees are not giving their best at work. These “disengaged” workers aren’t focused, lack energy and aren’t utilizing their full potential. In other words, disunity hinders productivity.

In today’s competitive marketplace, where organizations are trying to do more with less, it is not enough to have only some workers on board. Leaders need all workers on board. People in unity – working together, sticking together, and giving their best.

Lack of buy-in, distrust and poor communication are rampant in today’s workers. When the workplace is filled with the toxic effects of the three deadly D’s – discontent, discord and dissent, the vast majority of workers are unable to perform well. They suffer, so the company suffers.

Unity relieves suffering and releases potential. Unity is the lubricant that reduces friction, increases energy and allows people to direct their focus on achieving the goal. It’s the bond that holds people together when the deadline is looming, the economy is declining and the competition is advancing. When unified, individual and team potential is released, the environment becomes charged with enthusiasm and morale skyrockets. People produce more and stay longer.

Building unity is not a philosophical theory or a utopian ideal, it is an essential business practice that creates bottom line results. It’s about helping leaders make the link between their people’s performance and their overall mission, strategy and goals. It’s about recognizing and preventing the destructive attitudes and behaviors that creates an unproductive workplace. It’s about creating an environment where internal and external customers get star treatment.

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