What we do

Strategies and Solutions for the People Side of Your Business.

Rolfe’s commitment to his clients is never simply to provide speaking services, but to offer them practical solutions that will propel their organization forward. That is why he created Carawan Global Group. As a natural extension of what begins on the platform, Carawan Global offers interactive training, one-on-one coaching, and consulting for leaders and organizations whose success strategy includes investing in the “people” side of their business.

Carawan Global is comprised of a group of hand-picked experts who are dedicated to supporting and extending the benefits of Rolfe’s keynotes. We accelerate organizational success by providing tools and methods for increasing employee engagement, building unified teams, improving management effectiveness, strengthening communication and releasing the potential of individuals and teams.

To accomplish this, we provide an array of services including:

  • Keynote presentations and workshops that generate awareness, excitement and motivation to support your organization’s initiatives and inspire your people toward greater accountability, responsibility and productivity.
  • Leadership and management training that teaches powerful skills every one can use to become a more effective communicator, manager or team member. We offer a variety of learning solutions for your organization’s needs and budget.
  • Leadership coaching and retreats to maximize your impact by helping you navigate change, communicate vision, build trust, unify the workforce and create a results driven culture.
  • Project-based consulting services that help you assess, identify and design an approach to meet your specific personnel challenges.
  • Customized human resource systems that provide practical solutions for your most common human resource needs along with the training to implement them effectively throughout your organization.

Are you ready to tackle the hurdles standing between your organization’s status quo and its potential for enduring competitive advantage? Contact the Carawan Global team to catalyze change today.