Who does Rolfe help?

Rolfe Carawan is a highly-sought after international speaker, author and executive coach who delivers dynamic presentations for…

  • Leaders hungry for radical improvement in employee morale, energy, and productivity, who want to go beyond simply helping employees “get along” to moving together with one voice and one mission.
  • Managers who aspire to create unstoppable synergy in their teams, who need a competitive edge to launch them ahead of the competition, and who need to retain the best and brightest employees.
  • Organizations experiencing the pain and resistance that often accompanies transition and are committed to building a stronger, more unified, more productive workforce in the process.

Rolfe is perfect for meetings and conferences with themes on…

  • leadership
  • change
  • unity
  • teamwork
  • generational harmony
  • peak performance

Rolfe’s is more than just motivational. His dynamic and compelling programs provide strategies for leaders and organizations to decrease friction, increase productivity, improve performance, and produce a lasting change for their organization.