Areas of Expertise

Supporting Your Strategic Goals.

Rolfe’s passion is simply to relieve suffering and release potential. Using the head and heart connection he is known for, he helps leaders recognize the strong link between developing corporate unity and employee performance. Our clients believe that developing the people side of their business is a crucial strategy that produces bottom line results and supports their team’s ability to satisfy or exceed their overall mission, strategy and goals.
Our team of experts use a variety of methods to support and extend what Rolfe begins on the platform. These services include keynotes, coaching, training, and consulting.

Personal Effectiveness

People, not programs, are the fundamental key to an organization’s success. Only by investing in people will you achieve maximum results. Making changes in strategy and structure by itself will only take a company so far. However, developing employees who demonstrate the attitudes and skills needed to give excellent customer service, interact effectively on a team, and build profitable professional relationships provides the strongest competitive advantage and the most predictable bottom line results.

Carawan Global consultants facilitate interactive workshops as well as individual and group coaching, that provide practical, life-changing strategies and skills to maximize your effectiveness at work and in life – guaranteed. Including…

  • Real Talk – Increase Your Impact Through Skillful Conversations
  • Working and Communicating Within a Multi-Generational Workforce

Strategic Planning
Leaders of all types and sizes of organizations know that the crucial task of defining and implementing their culture has a direct impact on the organization’s ability to drive desired and predictable results. Values often need to be defined and reinforced, mission clarified, and most importantly beliefs that influence specific behaviors often need changing.

Carawan Global consultants work with leaders to create a positive corporate culture – where leaders at every level motivate employees toward values-based behavior creating a high performance environment. Our methods include coaching, strategic planning, process development or re-engineering, and group training.

  • Vision, mission and values development and implementation
  • Establishing a unified work environment

Leadership and Team Development
The greatest opportunity for creating a competitive advantage lies in developing unified, high performance teams. People are the key to success in every business, and in this fast-paced, global economy people working together for improved collaboration and innovation is a must.

The Team Development process provides personnel with the practical behaviors, attitudes, skills and confidence to navigate the fulfillment of the corporate vision and champion the organizational changes.

Carawan Global consultants provide customized seminars, retreats, training and coaching to promote maximum performance and effectiveness of teams. We combine proven proprietary methods with best practices used successfully throughout multiple industries.

  • Generate Loyalty and Commitment by Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Interpersonal Skills for Managers: Develop High Performance Relationships

Human Resource Systems and Management Training
Fundamental building blocks need to be in place in any organization as ultimate success depends on engaged and productive employees. Among the leader’s most important jobs is hiring and appraising people. To create a successful business culture, you need a set of processes – repeatable and trainable systems – that will link the beliefs and behaviors of people to predictable results.

Carawan Global consultants will create customized processes, or upgrade your current systems, to align your human resource methods with your overall business strategies and operational goal.

  • Selecting, Recruiting and Hiring – Interview Training for Optimum Talent Retention
  • On-Boarding New Employees – Orientation and the First 100 Days Training
  • Performance Reviews – Conducting an Effective Performance Review Training

Our solutions are flexible, based on your organizations needs and shaped around your core objectives.