Our Approach

How We Can Help You

At Carawan Global, we approach business the same way we approach life: with optimism, excellence, and passion. Our goal for each of our clients can be captured in four compelling words: Relieving Suffering, Releasing Potential. We believe that creating unity within an organization, particularly in times of change and transition, is the best way to drive predictable behavior and bottom-line results.

To facilitate the creation of a unified, people-centered organization, we initiate each relationship with a conversation. Whether brought “on board” as a keynote, retreat facilitator, trainer, or coach, Rolfe begins each client relationship with the goal of assessing two critical points:

  • WHAT is the current challenge or opportunity, and
  • HOW he can participate in the solution.

With the goal of supporting and extending Rolfe’s keynote addresses and providing comprehensive strategies and solutions, the Carawan Global team helps our clients make the link between their people’s performance and their organization’s strategy and goals. To accomplish this, we employ a four-step collaborative consulting method:

Step 1: Discover and Clarify

Our client approach begins with a short discovery session to identify desired organizational improvement. This session will define the target, scope, parameters, and timeline for your initiative.

Step 2: Assess and Design

Some projects may begin with some form of individual, team or organizational assessment. The results of this assessment will help you best determine an approach that will optimize your investment in our services. While a variety of services may be employed, our goal is to simplify the process, designing a strategy that will support the desired outcomes, not overwhelm the team.

Step 3: Engage and Implement

A solution might include leadership training for current or emerging leaders, team development and facilitation, culture design and alignment, or development of human resource processes. All initiatives are approached understanding the high degree of personnel engagement, motivation and equipping needed to ensure the success of the initiative.

Step 4: Sustain and Follow-up

The effort to improve organizational and individual performance is not a one-time event, but rather a process. Accountability and measurement are used throughout and after each initiative to ensure continued return of investment.