Rolfe Carawan, M.A.


Rolfe’s passion is helping individuals and organizational leaders understand and “own” time-tested principles of team development and relationships that impact every area of their lives, at work and home.

Rolfe’s personal mission — to “relieve suffering and release potential” – was born out of 30 years of study and coaching in human behavior and team dynamics. His passion was dramatically shaped early in his career when, with a team of 35 young men, Rolfe experienced the energizing power of unity. In 1988 Rolfe was awarded Coach of the Year for outstanding leadership of a football team whose performance went from two wins in two years before his tenure, to League Champions his first year. The key was team unity – where he empowered each individual to contribute their personal strengths for the betterment of the team, inspiring them to commit to one heart, one mind and one mission.

Rolfe builds on a wealth of personal experience. He gained real-world experience in human behavior and change management over the years in a wide variety of roles including Campaign Manager for a state congressional candidate (who won!), Regional Sales Director for a fast-growing internet company, entrepreneur of a start-up business in the medical industry, successful teacher, coach and counselor.

Equipped with his degree in Counseling and his desire to understand and promote healthy and profitable unity dynamics across a wide range of industries Rolfe left teaching in 1991 to found the non-profit organization Life Matters. He continues to be the Director of this ministry that helps families experience the benefits of healthy relationships.

He has spent the past 17 years as a highly sought-after keynote speaker in a variety of industries ranging from Fortune 500s and high-tech companies to universities and non-profits. Passionately committed to helping people through the process of creating lating change he, along with his wife Lea, launched Carawan Global Communications & Consulting in 1998, expanding his business to include coaching and consulting which extends the transformational benefit of his message.

Rolfe has a Masters degree in Counseling and is certified in DISC assessment. He is the author of Character Revolution: Restoring America’s Soul for emerging leaders and Profiles in Character, an inspiring look into the lives of individuals who impacted their world. Rolfe has worked and volunteered his services in a number of countries including Brazil, Ghana, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and Mexico. In his third book, due out in late 2008, he will uncover the bottom line benefits of organizational unity and expound upon his always practical strategies to harness its power for bottom line results.